Seuss, Dr. (1958). Yertle the Turtle. New York: Random House.

Yertle is the dictatorial and oppressive king on a pond. He decides that his kingdom is too small, and demands that the other turtles stand on each other’s backs to build a higher throne which is toppled by the innocent act of the turtle at the bottom of the stack.

Yertle the Turtle Trial

Source: Adapted from Gayle Mertz, “Yertle on Trial,” Update on the Courts 4.2 (Winter 1996): 14-15.
Yertle on Trial copy.pdf
Yertle Trial Character Cards
5th Grade Yertle the Turtle Trial (Downloaded from Google Search - unable to locate the URL)
5th Yertle the Turtle Mock Trial.pdf


  • Study ecology of a pond
  • Life cycle of turtles
  • Study the habitat of different types of turtles
  • Research the different species of turtles and their habitats. Compare/contrast the different species